Toy Story animated shortLast week we gave you, via a couple of still images, a quick peek at Pixar's next animated short, Hawaiian Vacation, that will focus on Toy Story 3 favorites Ken and Barbie whose plans to stowaway on a tropical excursion are somehow bungled.

Well, now we get a bit more insight into the story (not much though) as, thanks to we get a small clip from the animated short which reveals that Ken and Barbie think they've stowed away in Bonnie's backpack to go to Hawaii, only to discover when they emerge that they actually never left.

Hawaiian Vacation will debut in front of Cars 2 which will come out on June 24 of this year.

You can watch the clip below, and for those who missed them, the still images are below as well.

Toy Story animated short

Toy Story animated short

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