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The Belko Experiment - Movie Review

With The Belko Experiment, office politics couldn’t get any deadlier.

Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review

All-around fun as it anoints the true star of the flick with a Kong-sized crown.

Table 19 - Movie Review

No one likes weddings and we don’t want to see what goes on at table 19.

Logan - Movie Review

It is brave, it is hard earned, and it is one for the history books.

Passengers - Blu-ray Review

Plan to leave 10 minutes before the film ends…you’ll leave with a better experience

Arrival - Blu-ray Review

A well-told thinking man’s detective story - Now on blu-ray

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

The Monster - Blu-ray Review

Easily claws its way through to the top of the list of this year’s horror films

New on Blu-ray

Arrival - Blu-ray Review

Arrival - Movie ReviewScience fiction alien invasion flicks. They are a dime-a-dozen. Mysterious ship arrives on Earth and blows the population to smithereens. Or the creatures are disposed of in short order by flag-waving, cigar-chomping patriots who “don’t take no $%#@ off anyone.” Then, in some, ...

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The Girl with All the Gifts - Movie Review

The Girl With All the Gifts - Movie ReviewRestraining teenagers in the classroom?  I always knew education would come to this; teenagers already feel adults would like nothing better than to see them in chains.  Leave it to the British then to combine high IQs with the zombie plague and create one of the best ...

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One Million Years B.C. (1966) - Blu-ray Review

One Million Years B.C. - Blu-ray Review and DetailsThe British go prehistoric with this wild adventure.  One Million Years B.C. is a special effects bonanza with a variety of creatures created by the famed Ray Harryhausen himself.  Of course, none of that matters in this film because all eyes are on the amazing special effects  ...

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The Great Wall - Movie Review

The Great Wall - Movie ReviewLet's first have the discussion about the 500-lb gorilla in the room. He's siting right over there between "big box office money" and "who cares?" Of course, I'm speaking of the controversy swirling around the appearance of a very white man (in the form of actor Matt Damon) ...

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A Cure for Wellness - Movie Review

A Cure for Wellness - Movie ReviewA Cure for Wellness is not recommended to be a movie you just absentmindedly waltz in and watch.  Its lens is far too encompassing for that.  First we have the spa-based elements to deal with.  Then there is the nod to the fabulous run of Hammer films that went ...

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Stake Land 2 (2016) - Blu-ray Review

Stakeland II - Blu-ray ReviewWith stunning landscapes and a healthy dose of gore, Stake Land 2 stands tall right next to its heavily praised first outing.  Not much has changed in the landscape, but the delivery is a bit more charged.  In my review of the first film, I described the Stake Land atmosphere ...

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Bloody Moon (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Bloody Moon (1981) - Blu-ray ReviewNipple inpalements, even in a movie, are just too painful to watch.  Bloody Moon is probably director Jesús Franco’s most accessible movie.  I’m not saying it is his best movie, mind you, but – considering the unique weirdness of his vast body of work – it is a relative straight shooter ...

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Wild Beasts (1983) - Blu-ray Review

Wild Beasts (1983) - Blu-ray Review“She’s not crazy, she’s being chased by a cheetah!” And in this way, Italian filmmaker Franco Prosperi brings animal attraction to a whole new level. Having broken free of the mondo documentaries he is partially responsible for, he went feral with his first horror film. Now ...

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The Survivor (1981) - Blu-ray Review

The Survivor (1981) - Blu-ray ReviewThe Survivor has finally made its landing on blu-ray.  Never heard of it, eh?  Honestly, I’m not surprised as it is an interesting experiement in horror that doesn't always do what it needs to do in order to be successful.  British author James Herbert’s novel might have been ...

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Fifty Shades Darker - Movie Review

Fifty Shades Darker - Movie ReviewE.L. James fans just couldn't keep the allure of mainstream theatrical S&M inside their pants when the big screen debut of the first chapter in the author's Fifty Shades novel trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey hit theaters back in 2015. They set trailer view records with over 114  ...

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