Annabelle: Creation - Movie Review

Thankfully, it’s quite terrifying. Seriously.

Wind River - Movie Review

You’re never safe in a Sheridan film.

The Dark Tower - Movie Review

An uninspired affair that feels more like the rough outline of a YA novel.

Hounds of Love - Movie Review

An unflinching tale that pushes back against all the control freaks out there

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Blu-ray Review

Don’t go in expecting any sense of real magic.

Going In Style - Blu-ray Review

Big on geezer humor, Going In Style is mostly harmless and innocuous. But that’s partly the problem.

The Fate of the Furious - Blu-ray Review

Big DUMB fun. Amen to that.

Saban's Power Rangers - Blu-ray Review

“Go, go, Power Rangers!” has become “So-so Power Rangers!”

New on Blu-ray

The Forest (1982) - Blu-ray Review

The Forest (1982) - Blu-ray ReviewThere’s a cave in the dense forest at the center of this movie.   A deep, dark hole where a man in a shirt and ripped pants, baseball hat and all, looking very much like a truck driver, sits … IN A ROCKING CHAIR.  There’s a campfire next to him.  He’s been eating something. Well  ...

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The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970) - Blu-ray Review

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage - Blu-ray ReviewBecause there is an art to murder. That’s why the films of Dario Argento continue to register with audiences. His films – no matter how brutal or kitschy – are beautiful portraits of horrible things. To merely describe one of the director’s films does so much of what he is capable ...

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Baby Driver - Movie Review

Baby Driver - Movie ReviewNever before have the loves of speed and killer tunes come together so magically as they do in filmmaker Edgar Wright’s latest, a genre-crossing masterpiece with music on the brain and burnt rubber in its soul. It’s called Baby Driver and it’s a mob movie. It’s also a heist movie ...

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The Evictors (1979) - Blu-ray Review

The Evictors (197) - Blu-ray reviewWriter/director Charles B. Pierce (The Town that Dreaded Sundown, The Legend of Boggy Creek) really likes small town horror.  I don’t disagree with his tastes either.  I live in a small town – with no local police department – and, let me tell you, some of my neighbors, well  ...

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The Paul Naschy Collection - Blu-ray Review

The Paul Naschy Collection - Blu-ray ReviewThe theatrics of actor Paul Naschy made him an unstoppable tidal wave of terror in the genre.  Horror, as seen through the eyes of this legend, was quite expressive and always lurid.  It’s easy to see why he was considered, among his many legions of fans, to be the  ...

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The Angry Red Planet (1959) - Blu-ray Review

The Angry Red Planet (1959) - Blu-ray Review

"The hell with radiation.  Let's go." This right here, where horror and space travel had one of their silliest hook-ups, is probably the only safe place to be in the solar system … when plants attack. The Angry Red Planet is finally getting some respect and, honestly, it is about damn time ...


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Death Line (1973) - Bu-ray Review

Death Line - Blu-ray Review“Mind the doors!” One of the most absolutely terrifying scenes in underground horror occurs about 30 minutes into Death Line (aka Raw Meat).  In a dingy, unused space of the London Underground network, we hear a bizarre moaning sound. Maybe it’s sobbing.  The camera ...

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Watch the Fantastic First Trailer for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN

The Greatest Showman - Movie TrailerSaddened by the recent announcement that Barnum and Bailey’s legendary circus had performed it last show? Then we have some good news for you that  most likely won’t replace those fond childhood memories, but may just be enough to give you a good nostalgia high ...

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Okja (2017) - Movie Review

Okja - Movie ReviewWant to see something beautiful?  Inspiring?  Want to also bawl your eyes out until they turn permanently red and you become vegetarian?  Okja is the movie for you.  I’ve just seen it and I can’t really talk.  The lump in the throat is too big.  I shouldn’t even be typing at the keyboard ...

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The Pitches are Back... Again in First Trailer for PITCH PERFECT 3

Pitch Perfect 3 - Movie TrailerAfter the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth.  But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds ...

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