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The Magnificent Seven - Movie Review

Sure to put a bit more jangle in your spurs.

The Devil's Dolls - Movie Review

…some people should never play with The Devil’s Dolls.

Blair Witch - Movie Review

It is time, my friends, to go back to the woods.

Snowden - Movie Review

In a word, it’s boring.

Captain America: Civil War - Blu-ray Review

A fun, excellent film, worthy to start another phase in Marvel’s seemingly endless golden run.

The Darkness - Blu-ray Review

Some family trips are best left to memories.

The Nice Guys - Blu-ray Review

Succeeds on almost every level

The Jungle Book - Blu-ray Review

Absolutely a must-own, especially if you are a fan of Disney.

New on Blu-ray

Watch First Trailer for Ron Howard's RUSH

First trailer for Ron Howard's RushIt's been a long while since Ron Howard has done anything from behind the camera. Edit: It's been a long while since Ron Howard has done anything good from behind the camera. If, like us, you prefer to forget that 2011's The Dilemma ever happened, then moving on to his next film is ...

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Little Fugitive (1953) - Blu-ray Review

Little Fugitive (1953) - Blu-ray Review Sometimes stark naked ambition alone can create a lasting legacy.  Morris Engel’s Little Fugitive is all the proof you need. It’s not much to look at but its visual poetry has an unmatched beauty.  It’s the tiny cub that roars. Scrappily shot in black-and-white with ...

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Watch First Official Trailer for CARRIE

Carrie First Official TrailerLast year's New York Comic-Con treated us to the first teaser trailer, but now Kimberly Pierce's reimagining of the 1976 classic horror film Carrie finally gets a full trailer.Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, the film stars Chloe Moretz as the title character, a ...

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The Baytown Outlaws - Blu-ray Review

Baytown Outlaws - Blu-ray Review Roaring onto Blu-ray and VOD everywhere, are the notoriously funny Baytown Outlaws.  This gang of dirtball sleazoids – much like the film with its mesh-up spaghetti western meets 1970s drive-in vibe – aren’t aiming to be taken seriously but they sure are having ...

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John Dies at The End - Blu-ray Review

John Dies at the End - Blu-ray Review

You’ve got my attention, Mr. Wong. Opening with a riddle involving an ax, a slug, and a reanimated neo-nazi who has had his head stitched back on with weed trimmer line, John Dies at The Endproudly announces the return of writer/director Don Coscarelli (Bubba ...

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Room 237 - Movie Review

Room 237 - Movie ReviewGather around all you conspiracy theorists.  You know who you are. If Elvis hasn’t yet left the building or if the most powerful people in the world are actually blood thirsty, extra-terrestrial, shapeshifting reptiles, then have I got a tale for you. Labeled as ...

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Evil Dead (2013) - Blu-ray Review

Evil Dead - Movie ReviewSam Raimi’s spooky old cabin – isolated in the deep, dark, twisted woods of rural, America – somehow exists outside of time. The newly reimagined Evil Dead – appearing some thirty plus years after the original film - is proof of that anomaly. As if no one ...

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Dracula (1958) - Blu-ray Review [UK]

Dracula (1958) - Blu-ray review U.K. Universal’s monster catalogue had long been dormant, come the 1950s, and a smaller British production house called Hammer were savvy enough to recognise the potential of plundering those long beloved characters. They had already made a successful foray ...

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Harold Lloyd's Classic SAFETY LAST Restored for Re-Release

Harold Lloyd's Safety Last restored for re-releaseLet the re-release buzz begin!  No, it’s not another Star Wars film needlessly prepped for 3D distribution.  This time we’re going way back and celebrating the 90th anniversary of a classic film.  Janus Films, the preeminent U.S. distributor of foreign and classic films, has ...

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Admission - Movie Review

Admission - Movie Review Admission, the new movie starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd is being billed as a romantic comedy, which makes sense given its two main stars are currently among the hottest go-to properties for cinematic fun and yucks. What doesn’t make much sense, however ...

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