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The Belko Experiment - Movie Review

With The Belko Experiment, office politics couldn’t get any deadlier.

Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review

All-around fun as it anoints the true star of the flick with a Kong-sized crown.

Table 19 - Movie Review

No one likes weddings and we don’t want to see what goes on at table 19.

Logan - Movie Review

It is brave, it is hard earned, and it is one for the history books.

Passengers - Blu-ray Review

Plan to leave 10 minutes before the film ends…you’ll leave with a better experience

Arrival - Blu-ray Review

A well-told thinking man’s detective story - Now on blu-ray

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

The Monster - Blu-ray Review

Easily claws its way through to the top of the list of this year’s horror films

New on Blu-ray

The Great Gilly Hopkins - DVD Review

The Great Gilly Hopkins - DVD ReviewI’ve loved the young adult novel The Great Gilly Hopkins since childhood. So my reaction to the news of a Hollywood movie adaptation was, “They better not screw it up.” Well, I’m happy to say my fears were unfounded, and the filmmakers did an excellent job  ...

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Dead of Winter (1987)- Blu-ray Review

Dead of Winter - Blu-ray ReviewDirector Arthur Penn’s Dead of Winter is pretty much forgotten today, which makes its appearance on blu-ray – thanks to the efforts of Scream Factory – a real find for fans of old school chills and thrills  ...

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Patriots Day - Movie Review

Patriots Day - Movie ReviewWith the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing seared deeply into our psyche, questions of whether we are ready for a film about the tragedy swirl around the release of Patriots Day, a new film directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg ...

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Burial Ground (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Burial Ground - Blu-ray ReviewAnd THIS is why mothers should never breast feed their freaky-looking children recently turned zombie.  Directed by Strip Nude for you Killer’s Andrea Bianchi, Burial Ground is an Italian grindhouse romp through and through.  Complete with a paper-thin plot about a professor ...

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The Bye Bye Man - Movie Review

The Bye Bye Man - Movie ReviewThe Bye Bye Man is a new horror film with a new monster that you will want to applaud more than you actually do.  Maybe it’s because of that stupid title.  More than likely, though, is the fact that the film is oh so very familiar and a bit too technically challenged for its own good  ...

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BMX Bandits (1983) - Blu-ray Review

BMX Bandits (1983) - Blu-ray ReviewBring on the rush of nostalgia! Crank up the cheesy synths and relax because BMX Bandits is back, baby! Return with me, won’t you, to the era of Day-Glo colors and freestyle BMX styling.   Give the middle finger to the humdrum reality of modern life and celebrate the ...

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Blair Witch - Blu-ray Review

Blair Witch - Movie ReviewIt is time, my friends, to go back to the woods. The reclusive Blair Witch has returned. It seems she never left the Black Hills Forest. While it may have taken 16 years to get a proper sequel to 1999’s phenomenon The Blair Witch Project (because I’m not counting the  ...

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THE FOUNDER Movie Trailer - See the Birth of McDonald's

The Founder - Movie TrailerSynopsis: Written by Robert Siegel (BIG FAN), The Founder is a drama that tells the true story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was    ...

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Watch the Red Band Trailer for The Lure

The Lure - Movie TrailerSynopsis: One dark night, at water's edge, a family of musicians encounter aquatic sirens Silver and Golden. After assuring the family that they won't eat them up, the winsome sirens are recruited to join the Figs and Dates band at a neon-lit Warsaw dance club.   ...

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Hidden Figures - Movie Review

Hidden Figures - Movie ReviewIt’s only appropriate that Hidden Figures is the first movie to tell the unbelievable but true story of a trio of brilliant women who – along with other NASA-employed black female mathematicians – helped America win the space race against the Soviet Union in the 1960s. After all,  ...

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