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Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review

A fun, excellent film, worthy to start another phase in Marvel’s seemingly endless golden run.

Keanu - Movie Review

Will have you doubled over with laughter

The Jungle Book - Movie Review

A real swinging time in the jungle.

Born to be Blue - Movie Review

Millennials are finally getting their chance to catch up on some really cool vibes this summer

Krampus - Movie Review

A carnival of gore and laughs - now on sparkling blu-ray

The Revenant - Blu-ray Review

A fierce display of cinematic power and passion

The Hallow - Blu-ray Review

Is, specifically, what horror as a genre needs to do to its audience: scare the living daylights out of them

The Hateful Eight - Blu-ray Review

Tarantino proves that he isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon

New on Blu-ray

Krampus - Blu-ray Review

Krampus - Movie ReviewHo ho ho! Merry friggin’ Christmas! Have you been naughty or nice this year? Fuhget about Sandy Claws, it is Krampus who really wants to know. Writer/director/producer Michael Dougherty (Trick 'r Treat) returns to cinemas to spread the Christmas cheer and jeer in a  ...

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Dolemite (1975) - Blu-ray Review

Dolemite - Blu-ray ReviewRudy Ray Moore is not an actor. He is not a master of Kung Fu either. He isn't even a pimp but his stand-up comedy took a legendary turn when he adopted the persona of Dolemite and started hilariously rapping and rhyming about sex and violence with a bravado that  ...

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The Zero Boys (1986) - Blu-ray Review

The Zero Boys - Blu-ray ReviewThe Zero Boys is a forgotten entry in the horror genre. While it has the abandoned cabin in the woods and a group of horny teenagers out looking for a good evening of fun, The Zero Boys throws together several different genres and winds up creating a blended atmosphere  ...

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Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review

Captain America: Civil War - Movie ReviewSo begins Marvel’s continued domination in the costumed hero department, as their Phase 3 comes out swinging in high style. After the Russo brother’s proved their talent with Cap in The Winter Soldier, it seemed they replaced former Marvel golden boy Joss Whedon ...

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Keanu - Movie Review

Keanu - Movie ReviewThe hugely popular Comedy Central skit team of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (aka Key & Peele) triumphantly make the transition from television sketch comedy to big screen success with Keanu, a film that will have you doubled over with laughter when you’re not ...

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Sssssss (1973) - Blu-ray Review

Sssssss (1973) - Blu-ray ReviewSssssss is a magnificent B-movie whose appreciation starts with the fact that you actually have to hiss its title.  It is a mad scientist movie about snakes; real snakes mind you.  I can’t stress that aspect enough.  While it might be fun enough for some to watch Battlestar ...

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two: Collector's Edition (1986) - Blu-ray Review

Texas Chainsaw Masscre 2 (collector's Edition) Blu-ray ReviewThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two continues to divide people.  I guess that’s how you know you might be onto to something really side-splitting and NEW.  The ONLY way you can follow a classic of the horror genre is by making its sequel a straight-up comedy....

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The Stuff (1985) - Blu-ray Review

The Stuff (1985) - Blu-ray ReviewIt begins in the snow.  In a dramatic shot, a Stetson-wearing worker discovers a thick white substance bubbling up from the ground.  Giant flanks of snow pepper his old face.  He approaches it silently.  Carefully.  He can’t resist, though, sampling this marshmallow-looking  ...

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Miles Ahead - Movie Review

Miles Ahead - Movie ReviewMiles Davis was a man of many, many complications.  If anything else, that’s the wild takeaway from writer and director Don Cheadle’s impressionistic film about the world’s coolest trumpeter.  Miles Ahead is, at once, bold and creative as it mixes the 1950s, the 1960s  ...

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Shelter - DVD Review

Shelter - DVD Review"I used to be someone," reads a cardboard sign held up by Hannah (Jennifer Connelly), a homeless woman on the streets of Manhattan in the movie Shelter. Hannah and another vagrant, Tahir (Anthony Mackie), meet and slowly fall in love. He's an illegal Nigerian immigrant  ...

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