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Unfriended - Movie Review

Guaranteed to have you rethinking the whole social media craze.

True Story - Movie Review

A mildly interesting tale of what was a fascinating real-life murder.

Daredevil Season One - Netflix Review

Rough justice finally gets served in Hell’s Kitchen

Kill Me Three Times - Movie Review

Kill Me Three Times? Once is enough.

The Babadook - Blu- Review

Don't let The Babadook in your house ... unless its on blu-ray

Big Eyes - Blu-ray Review

A BIG piece of eye candy

Interstellar - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

The imitation Game - Blu-ray Review

Alan Turin’s story is beautifully told.

New on Blu-ray

The Man with the Iron Fists 2 (2015) - Blu-ray Review

the Man withe iron Fists 2 - Blu-ray ReviewSometimes less of something is better. The Blacksmith is back in RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists 2.  It is, at once, a movie no one thought possible considering the original film’s lukewarm response back in 2012.  Directed by cinematographer Roel Reiné  ...

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Tales of Terror (1962) - Blu-ray Review

tales of Terror - Blu-ray ReviewCinematic horror has worn many faces over the years.  Few actors such as those of Vincent Price have actually earned a reputation for being the genre’s torchbearer.  The man “gets it” and made a bankable career in films we now celebrate as horror classics.  ...

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True Story - Movie Review

True Story - Movie ReviewAs its name suggests, True Story is based on the real-life story about how disgraced New York Times reporter Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) became involved with accused killer Christian Longo (James Franco) who murdered his entire family back in 2003. Too bad the film isn’t ...

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Unfriended - Movie Review

Unfriended - Movie ReviewIt has been 16 years since The Blair Witch Project caught audiences off-guard with its creative use of previously recorded material in order to tell a story. The narrative style stuck, much to chagrin of critics and a few of my friends, and continues to be applied to various   ...

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The Babadook (Special Edition) - Blu-ray Review

The Babadook - Movie ReviewHoly crap.  Holy crap.  HOLY CRAP. That’s the only thing I could stammer after releasing my grip from the theater armrests upon the completion of writer/director Jennifer Kent’s chilling The Babadook.  This intelligent horror film does more than make you jump out of your seat ...

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Big Eyes - Blu-ray Review

Big Eyes - Movie ReviewDirector Tim Burton returns to the landscape of the unconventional biopic and combines the strength of Ed Wood with the emotion of Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands and introduces us to the storytelling world of Walter and Margaret Keane, a pair of social misfits who made   ...

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Daredevil: Season One (2015) - Netflix Finds Review

Daredevil - Netflix FindsThe opening sequence. Pulsing music surges. An unnamed red liquid drizzles out over the darkness. Our lady of justice is formed, bathed by this crimson element. Familiar cityscapes are covered, too. New York City. A bridge forms.  Following it, an angel and its church  ...

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Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean (Remastered 25th Anniversary Collection) - DVD Review

Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean - Blu-ray ReviewThe Bean is back!  Newly remastered from the original SD video sources, Mr. Bean has never looked better than he does with this new set from Shout! Factory, the reigning kings of exceptional taste.  The show will also never get any better than with this DVD set and  ...

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Silent Running (1972) - Blu-ray Review

Silent Running - Blu-ray ReviewImagine what the earth would look like without its green foliage.  Imagine the heat.  Imagine the barren and scarred landscape.  Widespread deserts as far as the eye can see.  That’s the future imagined in Silent Running, a little science fiction gem from 1972.  While we   ...

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Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969) - Blu-ray Review

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun - Blu-ray ReviewWhile it may roll out of its cinematic jar as slow as molasses, Journey to the Far Side of the Sun remains a strong spread of science fiction gooeyness.  Released in 1969, this Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (Thunderbirds, Space 1999) production deals with the discovery of   ...

Read more: Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969) - Blu-ray Review

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