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Get Hard - Movie Review

Pretty much what you’d expect from the first Ferrell and Hart comedic team-up...

Home - Movie Review

A ridiculously mixed up little tale with all the charm of a cactus and warmth of an iceberg

Zombeavers - Movie Review

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water...

The Gunman - Movie Review

Penn won’t become the next member of the AARP set to fight and shoot his way back into relevance.

The imitation Game - Blu-ray Review

Alan Turin’s story is beautifully told.

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies - Movie Review

Only Ian McKellen comes out of the mess smelling like a rose

Birdman - Blu-ray Review

Michael Keaton is Birdman

St. Vincent - Blu-ray Review

Bill Murray is The Patron Saint of Comedy.

New on Blu-ray

The Beyond (1981) - Blu-ray Review

The Beyond (1981) - Blu-ray ReviewOperating like a fever dream about some bizarre nightmare in a haunted house, The Beyond – directed by Lucio Fulci – is still considered the director’s masterpiece.  This underrated film is still, in my opinion, a movie without the proper audience.  Unique in its ability to mesmerize  ...

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The Imitation Game - Blu-ray Review

The Imitation Game - Movie ReviewHyperbole in this century is rampant. Every second nitwit is a hero; the latest doohickie will ‘change the world’. Drives this reviewer nuts. So when I say that this film undoes a great injustice and sheds light on a man who did, in fact, change the world, you better believe me.  ...

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Home - Movie Review

Home - Movie ReviewDreamworks Animation’s next salvo in its ongoing battle against Pixar for animated feature supremacy is Home, a ridiculously mixed up little tale with all the charm of a cactus and warmth of an iceberg. Following the failure of last year’s Penguins of Madagascar, the ...

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Get Hard - Movie Review

Get Hard - Movie ReviewYou’ve probably already heard the bad word of mouth about Get Hard, kiddos. The critics have spoken. Now, you get your say. Oh, it’s a dumb comedy and full of offensive jabs at almost every living thing to be sure BUT I was never expecting Shakespeare or, hell, Laurel   ...

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Blu-ray Review

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies - Movie ReviewPeter Jackson doesn’t exactly save the best in his misguided The Hobbit trilogy for the very last. Much of the final film – in fact, too much of it – is all Jackson's epilogue with no real Tolkien story to tell, setting up the exposition for The Lord of the Rings movies. Damn you, Shakespeare. ...

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The Gunman - Movie Review

The Gunman - Movie ReviewSuddenly, from the enveloping shroud of irrelevance busts Sean Penn onto the scene with what seems to be the latest path for any Hollywood leading man to rediscovered glory: an ass-whoopin’, guns-a-blazin’, globe-hoppin’ action flick a la Kevin Costner in 3 Days to Kill or ...

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Zombeavers - Movie Review

Zombeavers - Movie ReviewTurn up the schlock, man. The B-movie genre gets elevated with this bucktoothed bloodletting bonanza. Having just seen it, I am here to testify that Zombeavers, a film that is as cracked as its title, is one helluva “dam” time at the movies.  Mixing biohazard material with nature-dwelling ...

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Muck - Blu-ray Review

Muck - Blu-ray ReviewSuddenly, every other horror movie coming out this year now looks better.  Thrusting audiences straight into the horror of isolation, Muck takes that GEICO commercial – the one spoofing the horror genre – and turns into a 90-minute feature. The problem is that the movie isn’t nearly as funnay or as smart ...

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Outlander: Season One, Volume 1 - Blu-ray Review

Outlander - Season One, Voluem one - blu-ray reviewRonald D. Moore, the showrunner who turned a rebooted Battlestar Galactica into a modern classic series, is back again doing what he does best. This time, though, his aim is not for the stars. It’s 1743 Scotland by way of a postwar England circa 1945. Working with Diana  ...

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Don't Go In The Woods ... Alone! (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Don't Go in teh Woods... Alone! - Blu-ray ReviewDon’t Go In The Woods … Alone!, a cult horror film from 1981, is the attention-grabbing title that always screamed at me to watch when I used to frequent the VHS rental store tucked inside a row of seedy businesses in Vista, California. The title said it all. Oh, yes,  ...

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